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Neptec was one of this year’s winners of the George M. Low award. This is NASA’s highest award for quality and performance, and it is only given to 4 or fewer companies per year across the entire scope of all NASA contractors at all of NASA’s centers across the country. Neptec won the Small Business – Product category. Here’s a link to NASA’s official announcement: I have attached a copy of our press release, and more information is available on the Media page of our website (

I would like to thank you for your contributions to our winning this award. Obviously our healthy and active ISO 9001 programs (both here at NeptecUSA and at our Ottawa office) were a significant factor contributing to our receiving this award, and you are an instrumental part of ensuring that our ISO program is and remains effective.

So, thank-you again and I look forward to seeing you later this year.

Andrew Montpool

“When Sigma-Genosys decided to attain ISO-9001 registration, we did our homework and realized that the single most important factor was bringing an experienced consultant into the process early. Not only did Diane steer our efforts to attain registration, but her keen eye for improvement allowed us to make fundamental changes in our culture of quality. Diane quickly realized that our leadership needed more training than our staff and her business acumen allowed her to find ways to steer each busy manager to adding to the culture. Diane’s superb understanding helped us create a lasting quality system and challenged us with ways to use it in adding value in all of our processes. At the time of our registration audit, we were on schedule and under-budget. Our registrar auditors have routinely commented that the intelligence that Diane built into our system has been evident in how we have used it to improve our processes and our performance with our customers”

One more thing–We are bringing back the score cards Diane set up for us. Our President really likes them.

M. Scott Sample
The Woodlands, Texas

Thanks for the SolutionsMap session!  The action plan and notes are amazing!!!  The process was awesome and you were wonderful.

Primrose Schools
The Woodlands, TX

Diane Elko was not only instrumental in getting us ISO 9001 certified, but she was a pleasure to work with as well. Since our recent certification we can now approach new customers and larger corporations for business.  Not only did Diane Elko take us step by step through the entire certification, but she also has become a valued friend to all of us here at Wholesale Electric Supply Company.

I certainly will do business with Diane Elko in the future, and I would highly recommend Diane Elko to any company for their ISO 9001 certifications or any other related training needs.

Terry Rains
Corporate Management Representative
Wholesale Electric Supply
Houston, Texas

I am writing to you today to express my gratitude for the great job you did at Supreme Technology Solutions.  The guidance you gave us was invaluable.

As you know, Supreme is a high tech company with great talent, but like most companies, we seemed to be drowning in our work.  We were all working very hard yet not getting anywhere.  You helped us focus on the items that were most important to our organization, identify areas of weakness and exploit our strengths.

When you approached us with the idea, I was a little skeptical at first.  I couldn’t imagine how someone from the outside could possibly get to know our organization in a few days and actually impact our productivity significantly.  We have all been here for years and we couldn’t make a difference, but you did!  I was truly amazed and impressed with the success we experienced.  Everyone in the sessions felt important and we emerged from the sessions with a stronger sense of teamwork and focus.

Your expertise, by means of sound business practices and systems, has enabled our company to accomplish more in the last few months since our sessions than we did during the prior two years of operation.  We are much more goal oriented, better at identifying challenges and their solutions, better at measuring success, and much better at putting together appropriate action plans.

Thank you very much for your professionalism and coaching.

Donna L. Oppenheim

I wanted to write a letter on behalf of B&W Fluid Dynamics, Inc. expressing our appreciation for your services.

Approximately one and one half years ago we came in contact with you in our search for a quality management system that would help us get more organized. At that time we were extremely busy and were beginning to notice communication and procedural issues that had the potential to have a negative impact in our service delivery.

We started our relationship with you on the path to becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified. I have to admit it was a sometimes painful path. But with your dogged determination, knowledge and attention to detail we became a new company. Because of your guidance and assistance we developed effective policies and procedures. These processes and the training you led pushed us into being a well organized and a much more effective organization.  It is amazing to see how far we have come.

We did not start the path merely to become ISO Certified. We were looking for a system that would help us hold to our Mission and help us continue to be the best in our industry. You helped deliver us to that point.

Now that we are certified we are always pushing to improve. The service you are providing as a Performance Maintenance Consultant is helping us with our continual desire to improve as an organization. Once again your knowledge, dogged determination and attention to detail are key to making us a better company.

On behalf of B&W Fluid Dynamics, Inc. thank you for your help. We look forward to a long relationship with you on our path to perfection.

Richard T. Kuenstler
Executive Vice President
B&W Fluid Dynamics, Inc.