1. Team Problem Solving
This course provides a general overview to the methods and tools that are used to identify problems effectively within a team setting. Great start for team building efforts. The course highlights the roles and responsibilities of team members and the various techniques used to correctly identify problems. Based on the Joiner Team Handbook, this course simplifies the “How to” of problem solving.

Add on: Learn how to improve team communication using Personality Profiles—“What color is your energy?” (Reference Insights Personality Profiles).

2. Root Cause Analysis
This course focuses on root cause analysis and identification of the corrective actions associated with addressing the root cause of problems and preventing them from recurring. Do not get caught addressing only the symptoms of your problems, only to find out that your efforts resulted in little or no progress.  Focus on those problems that are especially critical to your customers and may have a big impact on your bottom line. This course is a valuable and natural progression to the Team Problem Solving course.

3. Knock Your Socks Off Service
“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans.” (Raving Fans,  Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles).  Learn the basic skills and requirements to harness loyalty in your customers. Based on the above book and Tales of Knock Your Socks Off Service (T. Scott Gross), a revolutionary approach to customer service, this course will supply you with both practical and creative ways to maintain the best relationships with your customers. 

4. Measuring Results: The Scorecard Approach 
How do we know we are successful if we do not know how to measure that success? Learn the appropriate ways to measure your business results. Accounting and financial analysis is critical but will not provide the whole picture. Identifying what needs to be measured is key to successful results. This course will walk you through the steps required to balance your business using a scorecard approach. Reference to Kaplan’s The Balanced Scorecard will direct your business toward the correct goals/objectives and the correct ways to measure progress against those goals and objectives. What matters to your customer is not usually measured by the company financial data.  The scorecard will integrate all valued and key measures and provide a more accurate snapshot for success. Learn how to manage your company against your own scorecard for success.

5. Solving Problems and Implementing Strategic Plans that Work 
Resolve Conflict and more... Using the Visual Group Process called SolutionsMap.

“Houston, we have a problem but no time to solve it.”

SolutionsMap is a powerful technique that will allow you to solve any problem, design any strategy, work through any conflict, and practically do anything faster and better than any meeting time would allow. Meeting after meeting only frustrates you and your team and you see little results. This technique guarantees success as actionable items are immediately implemented. Learn the basics for solving problems in a fun and creative manner that triggers team work and allows for the best use of your valuable time.

6. How to Audit Your Company for Results
Remove fear of the audit from your company and use the audit approach to build continuous improvement into your business.

Learn how to develop a customized audit checklist that makes sense for your business regardless of size.  Assess your company for results on a continual basis through the use of the simplified, mini audit.
An audit is another effective tool used to manage your business, but it also allows you and your staff to get the whole picture of what is valued and why. This course will take you through the steps of effective auditing and how to audit for successful results. The audit approach may be viewed as a measurement tool for successful results based on the following premise: “If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.” (Peter Drucker).

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